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Free Verse — A Poem of Insulation and…

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a poem about close quarters and faraway dollars

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poems won’t always wait to get back to…

if you can read this you’re standing close to a new chapter in your life

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I finished something I started. A writing project, let’s call it a non-fictional manuscript featuring dozens of interviews with musicians on the subject of the Sound of Spirit. Took over fours years to go from crazy idea to crazy word document of 100 pages. Now it’s off to the editor and I’m free to wonder what’s next while I await the call for re-writes.

I’ve written a couple of books, maybe you read one of them, maybe not. I usually re-read them once they have…

a minimum rage report/poem

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What I know of joy would fit in a slim ghetto pocket,

an origami dollar dipping wings in a salute thin as a dime dropped on the abandoned education passing history off as a pothole, to be filled in an election year for a photo shoot.

What I know of patience prescribes a window display of forgotten soldiers awaiting vaccination from the cost of wars we’ll never see on tv but always know in our bones as broken glass gathered in bed sheets, sprinkled like pepper spray in the schoolyard.

What I know of righteousness is a metallic fish icon…

a work day poem that delivers …

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My wet steps, heavy from carrying adult diapers,
evaporate between the ceramic gnomes and the busted nose
of the statuary Buddha on the porch.

It is essential to note this creature comfort exploits GPS
reasoning to find the unnumbered house.

Another time it might be a guitar in a box
squirreled behind the lawn furniture.

More often than not the packaging says China this,
or China that, any germs riding the cardboard and tape
have their own delivery system.

I haul cat litter to a house in the woods in a rented van…

Will Schmit

Poet . Provocateur. Saxophonist. New book Head Lines will soon be available wherever books are sold, upon request. for music downloads

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